Due to COVID-19, I will be taking certain measures to try and maintain safety at all times. This will be done by implementing the following actions:

Crew on set
It will just be me on set when filming. In the past, on some occasions I've had the help of an assistant, but for the near future, it will just be me.

Transportation To/From A Shoot
For an actual film shoot (not on-site editing), where transport for equipment will be required, I will be only be using Addison Lee services to travel to and from the location. They are one of the various transport companies who are strictly adhering to NHS and Public Health England guidelines.

All of my equipment will be sanitised before each shoot. I also ask that under no circumstances do you touch any of the cases or any of the equipment.

Social Distancing Markers
Markers will be placed on the ground to maintain social distancing where possible.

Masks and Gloves
All attendees (including myself) will need to wear a face mask and rubber gloves when possible - please bring your own.

All meals will need to be eaten off location. Also, no meals will be provided - please bring your own.

Staying Safe
Hopefully these measures will help reduce the likelihood of spreading the COVID-19 virus further and at the same time, allow us to film and distribute your video safely. 
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